by Summerage

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Mixado/Masterizado por Marco Bueno
Captado nos Estúdios Terra em Porto Alegre (


released June 20, 2014



all rights reserved


Umbaduba Records Porto Alegre, Brazil

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Track Name: Inhuman
I'm sorry for you already being dead
while I wrote these words, it's so scarry
but hush is being complacent
I wish I could make them understand

I know you had no chance
there's no crime
on self defense

they've turned you into a murderer
raped you, rejected you, cureless sore
if the world had shown you some love
things might have been different, I hope so
Track Name: Wish
I see how your life has changed
you got a family and mouths to feed
but i know, you know too
when you hear those songs it's so fucking good

what excuse you'll use to not live?
don't lie to me
what excuse you'll use to not live?
what's wrong with us?

you work as fuck everyday
to buy a new car and pay the rent
so tell me now how wonderfull is
if you wish to die in the end of day

what are we living for?
or are we dying for?
Track Name: Oppressed Majority
rooted thinking, causing a sad feeling, eroding and separating
since we were young, seeing it as if it was offensive
accepting hatred due to what others might say of us

embrace and comprehend that people are the same
it's what will give us a chance to make things right

It's absurd! How can one discourage love?

teaching the world to hate, is also denying others to love!
Where's freedom?
Track Name: Further
I'ts so opressive, always putting us down
tiny words keep hammering in my head
a pointing finger insted of an open hand
don't show me the way cause there's just not a way

a hollow spirit, pre-made desires
forgotten lights inside
without ever asking why (without ever asking why!)

to fill our lives at least we try
one of the few truths that will always remain
it's something so real and so much sincere
our will, it's beautiful to see you here

don't show me the way, cause there's just not a fucking way!
Track Name: Clocks Are Only A Semblance
there is no time on earth
don't waste your time, your time
Track Name: Spirit Filled By Colours
understand this feeling
empathy changes everything
there's such a huge world out there
why do we waste our time with others lives?

it frees our mind
to put ourselves on other's place

it's in our hands to spread it
as if there is nothing left
even though it's intangible

respect life it's our fucking point